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2007 – 2019

Color & material

We crafted a clean and unique logo, strategically using blue to inspire trust and black to convey power, strength, elegance, and sophistication



Steel Blue





The Challenge

Facilitating the connection between our client and their ideal audience while fostering brand trust was the crux of our mission. Despite their exceptional renovation capabilities, our client encountered challenges in attracting the clientele suited for their high‐end services. It was imperative to establish a seamless connection with the right audience and present their impressive portfolio to cultivate trust. To address this, we strategized and implemented a sophisticated sales funnel that not only facilitated trust‐building but also provided a streamlined means for prospective clients to engage when the time was right for their renovation needs.


Our approach to Bennison Construction’s transformation was multifaceted,
encompassing critical aspects of brand development, photography, web
design/development, advertising, and sales.

Brand Development: Building trust was paramount. We crafted a clean and unique logo, strategically using blue to inspire trust and black to convey power, strength, elegance, and sophistication. The logo incorporated an icon illustrating residential construction and various project stages, including a sideways “B” and a black, unfinished building resembling a letter “C.”

Stationary: Uniformity across all touchpoints was key. From business cards to invoices and vehicle decals, we maintained consistency with brand colors on a white background, aiming to redefine construction as clean, professional, and trustworthy.

Photography: We focused on capturing professional‐quality photos with a meticulous approach. This involved mastering camera settings, composition principles, lighting techniques, and post‐processing in Adobe Lightroom to consistently deliver well‐balanced and visually appealing images.

Web Design/Development: Our web design prowess included expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, responsive design principles, UX optimization, SEO implementation, and regular testing. We emphasized staying updated with the latest design trends and technologies to create visually appealing, highly functional websites.

Advertising: Our advertising strategy combined traditional and digital channels, including magazine ads, social media marketing, Google ads, and online business listings. We aimed to offer an immersive experience, demystify our processes, and emphasize our exceptional work quality.

Sales: Beyond advertising, our sales strategy focused on guiding potential clients from awareness to conversion. We optimized our website to build trust through informative content and visuals, streamlined quoting processes, and fine‐tuned closing techniques. Our ultimate goal was to create a cycle of growth, client satisfaction, and referrals that strengthened Bennison Construction’s success.


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