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Color & material

We chose the brand colors, white, black, and blue, to symbolize qualities such as purity, authority, sophistication, loyalty, and finance. These colors convey the commitment to transparency, expertise, trustworthiness, and financial excellence, building a strong foundation of trust and professionalism in the brand.







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Recent Objective

The Challenge

The most recent marketing challenge was Switzer & Co. transitioning from bookkeeping and tax into accounting, information technology and advisory is effectively communicating this expanded service range. This involves repositioning the brand, crafting a compelling narrative, and developing targeted marketing strategies to engage both existing clients seeking enhanced services and new prospects looking for comprehensive financial and technological solutions. Building credibility in these new areas and showcasing success stories are crucial to overcoming this challenge.

The Solution

The solution to this marketing challenge lies in creating a clear and cohesive brand message that highlights the firm’s multi‐faceted expertise. Utilizing a new website and targeted marketing campaigns, the firm can emphasize its unique value proposition, demonstrating how its integrated accounting, advisory, and information technology services can benefit clients. Leveraging client testimonials and case studies effectively can help establish credibility and build trust. Continuously refining marketing strategies to align with evolving client needs will be key to the firm’s success in this transition.

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