Legacy farms beverage label

Legacy Farms Beverage Label Graphic Illustration including Logo

Introducing the exquisite label for Legacy Farms Citrus Berry Spritzer—a harmonious blend of sophistication and natural allure. Set against a black backdrop, this label boasts three beige circular rings and a striking black ribbon at the bottom, adorned with the bold, all-caps “Bondoni” font spelling out “Citrus Berry Spritzer.” Above this ribbon, the regal Legacy Farms company name is elegantly rendered in beige Pinyon Script, evoking a sense of timeless legacy and refined elegance. A majestic lion, crafted with swirling strokes, graces the top of the label, symbolizing strength and pride. Behind the ribbon and label, an artful arrangement of green leaves, citrus fruits, blackberries, and apples creates a lush, vibrant backdrop, celebrating the essence of Legacy Farms’ bountiful harvest. This label is a visual symphony, encapsulating both the regal legacy and the natural richness of Legacy Farms Citrus Berry Spritzer.


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