MTN Lifestyle Clothing Company Logo Canada

MTN Lifestyle Clothing Company Logo

Presenting the emblem for MTN Lifestyle Clothing Company, a visual masterpiece that encapsulates the spirit of adventure and style. The logo features a striking silhouette of a dark mountain with snow-capped peaks, set against a vibrant gradient sky ranging from bright orange to deep tones of red, mauve, and dark purple. The mountain and sky subtly overextend a circular background, creating a seamless connection with the dark water below. White watercolor spritz adds a touch of dynamism to the bottom dark circular part, evoking a sense of movement and energy.

In bold, capitalized Gotham font, “MTN Lifestyle” proudly stands as a beacon below the majestic scene. Underneath, “Clothing Company” in Proxima Nova font elegantly spans the width with perfect spacing. Both fonts in classic black complement the overall design, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to a lifestyle that seamlessly blends outdoor adventure with stylish clothing. Trust in MTN Lifestyle Clothing Company for a brand that not only captures the essence of nature but also defines a distinctive style that resonates with the adventurous spirit.


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